LocateIt for iPhone & iPad



LocateIt helps you to find your geographic position, altitude, speed, coordinates and distance travelled.


More exactly app shows and updates in real time:


1.    Your location on map.

2.    Address:

a.    Street.

b.    Sub locality, postcode.

c.    Locality.

d.    Sub administrative area.

e.    Administrative area.

f.     Country.

3.    Altitude (meters/feet above mean sea level).

4.    Coordinates (latitude and longitude).

5.    Course.

6.    Speed, average speed.

7.    Distance from reset.

8.    Maps can be shown as:

a.    Standard.

b.    Satellite.

c.    Hybrid.


To copy to pasteboard (clipboard) information from map-view just "long-press" on it. You can copy:



        Speed and altitude,


“Long pressing” outside of information fields will copy to pasteboard (clipboard) information from all fields.


App is totally customizable – you can precisely configure what information is presented on screen.


App supports iCloud data synchronization – LocateIt settings on all iOS devices with same iCloud account will be synchronized.


App “Help-function” available in the app or on WWW contains detailed description of all functions and options.


In the app has been implemented total saving/restoration of state – it means that app might be interrupted at any time (by phone call, pressing one of device buttons, screen lock) and your data will not be lost. When app is activated next time all not saved data will be restored.


LocateIt utilizes new iOS7, iOS8 feature: Background Fetch – app status is updated in the background.


App is optimized for iOS9, iOS8, iOS7, iOS6, iOS5.


Here are links to user guide in different formats:


User guide (HTML)

User guide iPhone 3.5 inch (PDF) 

User guide iPhone 4.0 inch (PDF)

User guide iPhone 4.7 inch (PDF)

User guide iPhone 5.5 inch (PDF)

User guide iPad (PDF)

User guide iPad Pro (PDF)


If you have any questions, problems or suggestions for improvements, please contact me: locateit@jz-it-konsult.se



Thanks to my lovely wife Natalie for help in design, testing, valuable suggestions, patience and support during development of the app.