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About company

JZ IT-Konsult AB is a one-man company that specializes in consulting in:


  • Program design and software development in different environments in different programming languages


  • Program Integration in different environments


  • Advanced technical operation and administration of applications



Jurek (company founder) has worked with IT for almost his entire life:


First studies that ended in 1980 with Ph.D. degree in computer science.


After finishing his studies, 5 years work as a researcher.


The last 32 years Jurek worked as an IT consultant:



  1986 - 2001:

Future Data System AB,

Trigon Informatik AB,

TietoEnator AB



started JZ IT-Konsult



the company was converted to

stock company - JZ IT-Konsult AB


As a consultant, Jurek worked in teams and independently, has been written millions of lines of code. He always works from a holistic approach in which functionality, customer and time is always in focus.


With Jurek basis in scientific research, he has trained himself to think analytically. That, along with his experience and versatility in different languages and systems, enables him to find new solutions to problems and achieve goals quickly and efficiently.

With extensive experience Jurek takes care of the problem, development and integrations, and find its solutions.


The time as consultant for 60% focused on development in all its phases (planning, design, implementation and testing).


The remaining 40% have it was advanced technical management, software integration and system administration.


Customers have 50% have been public administration and 50% private.


50% of the time, Jurek worked in Unix and 50% in Windows environments.

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